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We would be delighted to provide our excellent customer service and delicious recipes to make your special event even more special!

We regularly bake cakes, cupcakes, and pull-apart cupcakes for special events. To see examples of our work, please see the scrolling photo gallery on the home page or log onto our Instagram account (SmallCakesDruidHills).

We pay as much attention to décor as to taste. Your cupcakes and cakes will be moist, fresh and delicious, and it will be beautiful, too! Whether you are hosting a large or small affair, your guests will be impressed.


Contact us today to place your special event order! Call us at 404.621.9634 or come by and see us!

*Please note: we do not work with fondant. All orders are made in buttercream or cream cheese frosting. We also cannot guarantee to exactly match any example image or a customer request. Nonetheless, we do our very best and assure you our products will be beautiful and taste delicious!

**No refunds or exchanges.


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